Saturday, March 12, 2011

Brionna girl of many talents

The other day I had to snicker when Brionna left for school. She is just starting her last trimester at high school, and she has loaded up on classes she wanted to enjoy taking her last few months. They are as follows: Jazz Band before school which includes a clarinet and a Saxophone. Regular band class and there she uses her clarinet and occasionally a bass clarinet. Guitar II ,although she never took Guitar I. She is just hoping she will be able to pick it up by going through the book at home. Don't know how that's going cause I haven't heard her practice it yet. She then had an empty slot in her schedule and decided to fill it with Orchestra. Not sure I have ever seen her pick up a violin to play but a friend is helping her learn the basics. She declared the other night that she can now play a scale. Oh yeah one of the other classes she has is photography. So why am I telling you all this and why am I snickering?
Because this is what she ended up taking to school.

It took 3 trips to the car, and that didn't include her backpack. I always know when she's coming in or out through the door. There's a lot of banging going on.

I'm including a picture of Brionna last Monday. She played with her school jazz small group to help raise money for the Youth Symphony here. If you will notice that silver clarinet is the same clarinet that Mom Dickey used back in high school. It actually has a pretty good sound after she had it repaired and oh how it shines!

She loves her passion!