Sunday, May 2, 2010

Last weekend Stephanie entered a 10 mile race to help her get ready for the San Diego Marathon being held in June. This race takes place in Menan Idaho where there are two dormant Volcano cones. The starting line is down at the bottom of the Butte and rises 5-600 ft in altitude in a very short time. The butte is pictured on the upper right . Once you get to the top you cross directly across it then turn to the right and go around the outer edge until you get back to the place you first crossed. You again go directly across it and then turn to the left and go along the other outer edge. You come to the intersection where you came up the mountain and you head back to the finish line. That is where the 6 mile course ends, so if you are running the 10 mile you run out into the desert for two more miles then turn around at that point and run for the finish line. Sounds easy right. She did pretty good. She didnt come in last, there were two behind her. She put in a time of 1:35:29. It probably would have taken me 4 hours!