Sunday, December 26, 2010

Island Park is where we spent Christmas Eve day. Skiing the trails in Box Canyon. Probably the best day to go as there were snowmobiles buzzing everywhere. It was very peaceful and just about everywhere you looked was untouched snow. I really tried to stay on on my feet the whole time but that last hill overtook me. Not because I lost my balance but because my ski got sticky on the bottom and I just about did a face plant. I really hate that! Great day!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

This poor chair was rescued from Mom's garage just about ready to go in the garbage trailer. It had so many memories that I just couldn't let it happen. (Plus I inherited that saving gene from her that prevents me from throwing things away.) I took it home and through a little elbow grease renewed it! Sorry I just couldn't save the attractive farm scenery upholstry. I almost saved it to make a pillow though!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Last weekend Stephanie entered a 10 mile race to help her get ready for the San Diego Marathon being held in June. This race takes place in Menan Idaho where there are two dormant Volcano cones. The starting line is down at the bottom of the Butte and rises 5-600 ft in altitude in a very short time. The butte is pictured on the upper right . Once you get to the top you cross directly across it then turn to the right and go around the outer edge until you get back to the place you first crossed. You again go directly across it and then turn to the left and go along the other outer edge. You come to the intersection where you came up the mountain and you head back to the finish line. That is where the 6 mile course ends, so if you are running the 10 mile you run out into the desert for two more miles then turn around at that point and run for the finish line. Sounds easy right. She did pretty good. She didnt come in last, there were two behind her. She put in a time of 1:35:29. It probably would have taken me 4 hours!

Monday, February 22, 2010

The little artist

Here's my little artist at work again. Brionna's art teacher entered her picture again this year in an art contest. She didn't ribbon but I love her entry. Later this month it will be sent to University of Idaho in Moscow for another exhibition. It runs concurrently with the University of Idaho Jazz Festival. Her picture should fit right in.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We got out this past weekend for some much needed excersize. Just north of Rexburg there is a turn off highway 20 to Bear Gulch. There was once a pretty good size ski resort there but now is long gone. They close the road to traffic in the winter there so it is open to cross country skiiers and snowmobilers. The trail winds up the mountain 2 miles where you come to Lower Mesa Falls. Then head up the mountain a little farther about 2.5 more miles and you come to Upper Mesa Falls. We have stopped there many times in the summer but not in the winter. It was just a perfect day for skiing. Not to warm not to cold. We ate lunch sitting in the warm sun enjoying the view and headed back. I only took a dump 3 times this time for the trail got a little icy and slick near the end. I was pretty happy to see the car at the end of the day. It was a great trip!