Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oxford Peak, Willow Flats & Bloomington Lake

We have been taking a few weekend hiking trips the last few weekends. Every drive down to Cache Valley we go through the valley where McCammon is and straight ahead is a mountain peak that has always caught our interest. Last year we investigated what it was and found out that the mountain peak is Oxford peak. I couldn't do any hiking last year cause of my foot surgery so we had to wait until this year to attempt it. It took us twice to get to the top because the trail from Oxford isn't well marked so we spent much of our time figuring out just how to get to the top. We got half way there the first week and the second attempt we got to the top where we were greeted by an awsome view. On our trip down from the peak we realized there were much better trails to follow and next time it won't be such a tough hike. (I think Stephanie probably won't want to go hiking with us again!).
Our second adventure was at Willow Flats this past weekend. We took Brionna and her friend and while they stayed at camp Saturday we hiked up and over the mountain to Bloomington Lake. It was a beautiful but a pretty aggressive climb. It was well into the 80's so we cooked up a sweat but I cooled off a bit in the lake. It was the first time i had seen Bloomington lake with snow on the Northwest corner. There were plenty of young people swinging off the rope on the big tree and some jumping off the cliffs.