Sunday, May 31, 2009

My new Ride

This year for my B-day I picked out a new bike. As of yet I'm accident free! (Knock on wood!) I really like the new ride. The ride to work is 4 miles so its just the right distance everyday and back without making me too tired but yet enough to get my aging body some exercise. (Wow notice all that grey hair coming in!) Robert says it looks like a 70's stationwagon, you know the one with the wooden side panels. I say I like the way it looks and I loved the 70's!

Friday, May 29, 2009

We enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend in the Challis Salmon area. It was such a beautiful weekend. We took a bicycle ride 4 miles into Salmon and explored the town a bit since I had never stopped there before. We explored a couple of Ghost towns and cemetaries. The picture on the upper right is an old dredge used to dig for gold on 6 1/2 miles of a stream up a canyon. It was pretty amazing seeing it sitting there in the middle of a canyon. There were 3 tour guides giving the tour and when the 3rd guide walked up to us I could have sworn the we had found Dave's long lost twin brother. He even wore the same floppy hat. The lower left is an old Dam they dismanteled on the Salmon River. They blasted out the hill on the side of the dam instead of taking down the dam. We escaped the rain for the whole weekend except when it rained in the middle of the night. What a fun trip!