Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fun times at Mackey, Idaho

We spent the weekend here in our home state of Idaho. It took us about 2 hours to travel to Mackey Resesrvoir where we set up our tent trailer. Seeing that I couldn't hike very well we planned on doing a lot of site seeing in the car. The city of Mackey offers a mine tour by vehicle so we headed to the hills just behind it. We found the tour so interesting and one of the pictures shows the old buildings that would transfer the copper and ore down the mountain. One the drive back to camp I noticed on the map Dickey Idaho and we were only about 5 miles from it! Of course we had to go to it. Turns out there are only about 2 houses left there but we did find a shed with the name Dickey on it. Note the picture. The mountains in the distance are of Dickey Peak and another picture of Mt Borah (the tallest peak in Idaho) and Dickey Peak beside it. The town is also in the distance but you can't see the two houses in it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How can the summer go by so fast? I looked so forward to it way back in January when it was 10 degrees and now here it is getting cooler again! July 7th I participated in a pain study down in Salt Lake and had a bunion removed that I had had since childhood. I can't say that it was all that painfull but not being able to get around on my own and rely on other people to do things for me was hard. I have always prided in the fact that I could always do things for myself so when it came to having to ask people to do things for me was really something I was not comfortable with. I did learn that sometime you have to and I am grateful there are these people here in my life to help me when I need it. Last weekend we were finally able to get out and do a little camping and I was able to hike even. Janet and Blake were kind enough to share their campsite at Willow Flats and took such good care of us. If you ever want some good dutch oven potatoes I know where you can find them. Their sons Josh and Jonathon entertained also and was so glad to spend some time with them! So glad I haven't let the whole summer pass me by.